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We always have a dream that we hope our products not just have practical functions, but become a distributing center of inspiration, a pivot of culture and creativity, and a linkage to a broader world.

Through several years of accumulation and practices, PitaStudio finally took shape in 2023. Here we collaborate with artists and creativity workers from all over the world to generate a chemical reaction between imagination and creativity, and PITAKA’s material aesthetics, and create possible forms of graphic arts, music, games, and more creative contents


Every angle of your device expresses your style from the inside to the outside.

Infuse perception into the beauty of planes through the art of sound and images to tell the story behind the object.

Melody, beats, and emotion. We invite you to listen to the waves of imagination and depict the sound of inspiration.

Product is a window of crossing the boundary between fiction and reality to realize people’s interaction with objects and people. It makes creative expression boundless.