We Care for Our Planet

Protect Our Planet

Rather than a mission, PitaCare is a sustainability journey put in place to protect and care for what matters the most to us - the world and the people around us. We care for people, their feelings, and their everyday life. We make what people can use and enjoy to simplify their lives. But that's not enough looking from a long-term perspective. We live on and share one home, the Earth, and it is facing severe environmental problems. To protect our planet, PITAKA embarked on a journey to generate less waste and leave behind smaller footprints for a better world.

Building Responsibly

Our products are built to last.

We're committed to building products that outlast the competition. When we built different kinds of cases and accessories from these materials, we intended to make them last. Both aramid fiber and carbon fiber are highly durable and scratch-resistant, ideal for making things that we use daily, such as phone cases and wallets. In fact, they can outlast steel and aluminum, which can no longer be used safely when the metal fatigues, but those fiber composites remain stable indefinitely.

Protect Our Planet

No overproduction.

We won't begin mass production to reduce manufacturing waste unless we decide a product is worth to our customers after tons of marketing research and asking our customers for their opinions.


In addition, we recycle those hard materials. Our Carbon Fiber Watch Band, for example, includes some links from carbon fiber cutoffs and recycled materials from MagEZ Wallets. Instead of dumping them in the landfill, we are trying to use what we have at hand to create something valuable.

Protect Our Planet

Packing Responsibly

Say No to plastic.

We are well aware of the damages caused by plastic. So, we try to avoid using plastic in packaging. 95% of our packaging box is kraft paper and we plan to use materials that are more environmental friendly to upgrade the packaging in the near future.

Minimalist packaging.

Also, we’re reducing the amount of material used to make product packaging, including inserts and leaflets while ensuring that it's easy to unpack. Avoiding over-packaging is good for the environment too.

Protect Our Planet

Delivering Responsibly

Protect Our Planet

Transporting via sea.

Air shipping releases 63 times the emissions than sea shipping when transporting goods of the same weight for the same distance. Therefore, we use sea transportation when we can. But, of course, we understand shipping by sea is typically slower. So we try our best to plan early and look for partners who can deliver our goods in the shortest time.

Partnering with responsible shipping companies.

Shipping companies that we choose to do the last mile delivery work hard to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and strive to achieve their carbon neutral goal. FedEx, who we've been working with for years, takes many steps toward sustainability, including reducing fuel in the skies, innovating their aircraft, using electric-vehicle and autonomous vehicles, and upgrading their facilities to save energy. We always go for the service that poses less harm to the environment, even though that means sometimes we need to pay more.

Protect Our Planet

We Will Do More

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

This year, we will reduce the materials used in packaging and go further to reduce the use of plastic. We will also use leftover materials from production to make gadgets and accessories. Our trade-in program is in progress. And we will figure out how to scale it up and prepare for future projects to reduce more waste. Sometimes, we have to upgrade our designs, inevitably causing waste and inconvenience to customers. That's where the trade-in program gets into the picture. We will try our best to make the most out of the recycled items, such as using electronic components to produce new products, toys, and gadgets, which we believe our customers, some institutions or organizations can use.

Giveaways. Partnerships. Donations.

We once gave hundreds of pieces of phone cases for old phone models to our customers. Whether they gave it to a family member who used an old phone, used it as teaching material, or even used it to create some artworks, we were glad to see that those products could satisfy the desire or need of our customers. More giveaways can be expected.

We're setting up a material laboratory and will work on composite materials that work incredibly but are more eco-friendly in the future.

In the next few years, we're planning to donate to and partner with organizations, such as One Tree Planted, to make the world a greener place together. And we're always on the lookout for opportunities to help, so if there's a cause we should know about, let us know.

Sustainability is not a one-off event. It is an ongoing, challenging but fulfilling mission for us to keep our environmental impact at the minimal.

Protect Our Planet


Protect Our Planet


  • Reduce wastage will be an ongoing effort
  • Product packaging upgrade
  • Trade-in program and recycle returned products (parts)
  • Support and participate in UPS CCN program on carbon
  • Neutral shipment


  • Giving back to society with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives such as One Tree Planted and employees activities
  • Upcycling program


  • Material laboratory
  • Recycle from bigger product to manufacture small products to even smaller products


  • Remoulding technology to recycle and reuse the old products and materials
  • ... and the journey continues.