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FlipBook Case for iPad with Magic Keyboard

Your next iPad bag is not a bag.

FlipBook Case for iPad

FlipBook Case For iPad

A minimalist bag to carry your iPad with Magic Keyboard and other EDC gear. Read More





7-Day Returns

7-Day Returns

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Fast Delivery 1-3 Working Days

Fast Delivery 1-3 Working Days

A Worry-Free "Bag" for your Magic Keyboard

Save Time

Set Up Your Workstation Within Seconds

Anytime, anywhere with one simple movement - flip open the FlipBook Case!

Snap Shut and Go

You can "snap shut" and pack up your iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard instantly. A timesaver whether you are at the office or on the go.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Pack Light

Need to take your phone, keys, mouse, wallet, and other items with you too? No need to carry a backpack or satchel, just pack them into the pocket of the FlipBook Case. This handy pocket is roomy enough for your small everyday items.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Extra Protection

The minimalist iPad bag with magnetic handles makes carrying the heavy Magic Keyboard a lot easier while adding some protection, another way to protect your investment.

Premium Materials

Woven from premium carbon fiber cloth and leather, the sleeve offers protection and unique tactile texture with exceptional comfort.

Premium Materials

Woven from Polyester, a durable and lightweight fiber, the sleeve offers a decent appearance and comfortable texture. Its wrinkle-resistant and shape-retaining features ensure your FlipBook Case is as decent as always.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Quality is in
the details

Reusable & Residue-free PU Gel Pads

We use strong and traceless PU gel pads that can be reusable up to 100 times and 50 times reusable after being washed in water with similar effectiveness.

The bag and the Magic Keyboard will be tightly and seamlessly attached to work as a stable workstation after installation.

That said, when taking off the keyboard, rest assured that those gel pads, which can handle 3kg pull-off force, will not leave a single mark or cause any damage to your Magic Keyboard.

Want to how to install FlipBook Case? Click Here!

FlipBook Case for iPad

An Accordion Pocket

The accordion pocket is sewn meticulously in a different way to ensure that it will not bulge and gives a streamlined finish.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Ferrari-style Orange Element

The mix of orange and black is pleasing to the eyes, like the fancy Ferrari.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Twill Carbon Fiber

Carbitex OmniFlex® carbon fiber is twill woven to give a silvery sheen.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Neat Sewing

Straight and neat stitches further decorate the case.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Edge Painting

All edges are carefully painted to make it comfortable to touch.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Magnetic Handles

The handles automatically connect when put close to secure your Magic Keyboard, and so that you can quickly hold and go.

FlipBook Case for iPad

An Anti-slip Silicone Pad

The silicone pad with oblique raised lines keeps the bag and everything steady on the desk while you are busy typing.

FlipBook Case for iPad

A Dedicated Camera Pad

To use the camera on your iPad, flip open the camera pad, and it will magnetically attach to the side. And close the pad to protect the camera when you don't use it.

FlipBook Case for iPad

3D Touch Texture

The durable carbon fiber textile is crafted in a special weaving technique to create a unique texture that feels soft to the touch.

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Convenient and great! When you want to use the iPad, just lay it down on the table, and use the handle to open it. It helps me carry my iPad, which is attached to the Magic Keyboard. And will not make our iPad thicker. However, you cannot carry the iPad alone with the case. Attaching the ipad to keyboard is a necessity to carry it. Anyway, I like it! 😁

erdal t.

Love it! it's a great case for me. carbon surface so cool. Both the handles house magnets that stick together as soon as you bring them close. the camera part also has magnets, so you can close it to protect your camera. When you need camera, just open it, and it will magnetically attach to the back. The case has a pouch, you can carry a couple more items in its pouch. great design! recommend my friend!!

Aman G.

i like it so much! just open it when you're working, and close the handle when you also has a pocket, which I would use for my Apple Pencil now.

Randy S.

soooooo good, thanks PITAKA. never thought it could be so simple to carry and use my iPad. love the pocket and I can put my phone, and wallet into it to free my hand.

Abigail d.

Just received it. It is totally different from a traditional iPad bag, not even a bag. cannot imagine how much I like this design. I feel like I'll use it lifelong :)

Nabel C.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Included in the Box

  • 1 x FlipBook Case for iPad
  • 1 x Document Kit


  • Works with Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inch. The iPad Pro alone doesn’t work.
  • Works with the iPad Pro 2024 (M4) with the new Apple Magic Keyboard.



Width: 302mm Length: 284mm Thickness: 28mm




Black: Leather & Carbitex OmniFlex® Carbon Fiber White: Leather & Polyester Fiber


7 days return policy Warming: If any of the protective films on the product is removed, the warranty will be voided. See our warranty page for more information.


Q1. What device is the FlipBook Case for iPad compatible with?

A1. The bag only works with Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9. The one for Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 11 will be available in early July.

Q2. Can I remove the Magic Keyboard after installing it?

A2. We advise you not to remove the Magic Keyboard from the FlipBook Case. If you have to, follow the instruction on the document kit.

Q3. Are the gel pads on the FlipBook Case for iPad reusable?

A3. Yes. The gel pads on the product can be reused up to 100 times. And peeling off the gel pads will not leave any glue residue on the Magic Keyboard.

Q4. What's the silicone pad for?

A4. The silicone pad is used to steady the bag when placed on the desk, so when the customer is typing on the Magic Keyboard, the bag will not move.

Q5. How to install the FlipBook Case and Magic Keyboard?

A5. Stick the side with the camera cutout on the Magic Keyboard first, then the silicone pad. Follow the video for detailed instructions.

Q6. Is the product waterproof?

A6. PU leather and carbon fiber are both water-resistant. Just gently wipe off the water spill, if any. Both materials we use passed the high and low temperature tests, and they are alcohol abrasion resistant.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.


FlipBook Case for iPad was designed with our PitaCare philosophy in mind. We made the product useful and beautiful with a minimalist approach, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. PU leather doesn’t release harmful substances and dioxins when it’s disposed of. Carbitex OmniFlex® Carbon Fiber is extremely durable and stable. And our plastic-free package also helps us minimize environmental impact.

  • 100% Recyclable Packaging
  • Eco-friendly PU Leather
  • Durable Carbitex OmniFlex® Carbon Fiber
  • Zero Harmful Substances
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